Moto Uno Racing boasts a wide range of repair services as well as a comprehensive range of imported parts for your bike! Whether it's servicing, tyres, bike parts or expertise, Moto Uno Racing is the only workshop you need to remember.


·         Engine/Gearbox Rebuilds

·         Engine Porting and Rebuilds

·         Conversion of Road Bike to Track Bike & Vice Versa

·         Race Bike Setup

·         Track Practice & Race Days Support

·         Performance Tuning

·         Insurance Estimates & Repairs

·         Collection and Delivery

·         Tyre Sales, Fitting & Balancing

·         Sales of Parts, Fitting of Parts: Radiator Guards; Slipper Clutches;

·         Quick Shifters; Rear Sets; Exhausts; Batteries; Tyres; Chains; Oil Products; Air Filters; Grips; Brake & Clutch Levers; Screens; Wheels; Sprockets & Carriers; Brakes; Seat Covers; etc...click here to view see our spare parts page.


Moto Uno Racing is one of the most reputable & reliable service providers to owners of bikes by offering a “one stop” service offering including the newly launched Rapid Bike by Dimsport

Want more power?RAPIDBIKE by Dimsport Technology Group has a series of add-on modules that take your bike's performance to the next level. RapidBike modules work with your factory ECU, using a process known as adaptive tuning, to smooth out power delivery, increase power levels at all throttle positions and RPMs.  
RapidBike systems are designed and manufactured in Serralunga di Crea, Italy.
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Unmatched Versatility, Proven Performance

RapidBike power modules are available in three different styles to suit your needs: The RapidBike EASY, RapidBike EVO, and RapidBike RACING. Each is built with the same power-enhancing DNA, born of the RAPIDBIKE PROJECT in 2004 and improved through racing experience. In 2008, Dimsport Technology became a technology partner of the LCR Honda MotoGP Team and of Yamaha Italia by supporting R-Series; this cooperation has allowed Dimsport to transfer cutting-edge technology to each and every RapidBike module. The RapidBike line now includes the following models for any need and requirement.
RapidBike EASY, “Plug & Play AFR Modulator”:
The RapidBike EASY offers impressive performance gains with no additional tuning. This module is calibrated at the DimSport factory and connects to the factory wiring of your motorcycle. The RapidBike EASY increases performance by working with factory O2 sensors so that your engine is always achieving maximum efficiency. Get a noticeable increase in performance with plug & play simplicity made even easier, with the RapidBike EASY.
RapidBike EVO, “Total Injection Control”:
The RapidBike EVO power module combines extraordinary performance with user-friendliness. Built around a self-adaptive, real-time auto tuning feature, the RapidBike EVO ensures your engine is always perfectly “in tune”, regardless of temperature, altitude and humidity, and that's just the beginning. The EVO allows offers control for up to 8 fuel injectors, allows for multiple maps, and more. On some models you can increase RPM limits and remove speed limiters
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RapidBike RACING, “All-In-One Professional Racing Module”:
There is no add-on module that offers the features, versatility or performance of the RapidBike RACING. In addition to the power-improving features of the RapidBike EVO module, the RACE allows dynamic control of ignition timing, engine braking control, a pit-lane limiter and the ability to change bike settings with different calibrations of injection, ignition, limiters, engine braking and self-adaptive injection. It is the most complete, more versatile, most powerful add-on module available today.
RapidBike EVO & RACING modules are Quick Shifter Ready. You don't need an additional (and often expensive) add-on module to implement the benefits of quick shift technology. That allows you to up shift (change to a higher gear) without engaging the clutch or reducing throttle inputs for faster acceleration. Simply add the RapidBike Electronic Quick Shifter your EVO or RACING module to experience the benefits. Unlike most available quick shift systems, The RapidBike Electronic Quick Shifter will work with both standard and reverse (GP-style) shift patterns. The EVO & RACING modules allow you to tune the amount of power reduction according to RPM and gear position.

RapidBike EVO & RACING modules will fit ANY BIKE! Easy to tune! Dimsport has placed a huge emphasis on placing power at your fingertips. The easy-to-use interface means that adjustments are easy to apply and results are immediate. For more information on RapidBike modules contact us or you can call us as well, if you’re not sure about your application and can’t decide what to order.